CGI NY 5775 - Theme Song

T.T.T.O. Bonei Yerushalayim - Shloime Gertner

Tayere Zaidy, I’m going to camp to play
I will miss you so every day
Mein Ziseh Einiklel, to you let me tell
About when I was a camper in Gan Yisroel

I remember the Rebbe, I won’t forget the sight
Coming to visit us, a shining light
Zaidy why did, he feel it so important
What message to the campers, was he trying to send

That camp is where Chasidim are made
24 hours a day, enjoying and fulfilling
Doing what a Chossid is meant to do
Every moment loving to be a Jew

When we learn and sing or pray
And when games we play, we’re enjoying and fulfilling
Doing them all in the Rebbe’s way
Helps us bring joy into our day

Thank you Zaidy, a lesson I have gained
A special bond for camp I've attained

I know that doing this, will bring Moshiach today
I am in the best place, to bring him right away