Main Night Activity Song

T.T.T.O. Milmala - Meydad Tasa
T.T.T.O. Na Elokim - Meydad Tasa

Sit tight in your chair, that moment is here
You can feel it from that guy up there
You cannot wait for what's comin' tonight
We’re Takeh about to take flight

But don’t sneeze in this room
Farshtunken noses clean with a broom
Although it’s Chassidish to do
To shower from someone’s Hachoo

Night activity it’s totally wacky
Here in CGI year 60
Cause Shmoozel Leemanov is Mamesh Meshugi
His middle name is ibivigidihivizichitiyikichiliminisieipifitzikirishisitisi

Written for Night Activity in CGI NY 5775