Grammen - Color War 5774 CGI Florida

Leibelovitch, Leibelovitch
Tzivos Hashem is really great
But 54321 I really hate
But Leibelovitch, Leibelovitch
What are you gonna to do when you’re not here
Hopefully you’ll find a bed to sleep till next year

Menachem Klein, Menachem Klein
You wanted to win color war so badly
That you made Schneur Gansburg our general so gladly
But Menachem Klein, Menachem Klein
Let me give you some advice
Eat some spinach and you’ll grow real nice

Always running around as an aid
But no one knows how much you get paid
It must be a lot
Why else would you work when it is so hot

Chef Nissen, Chef Nissen
Your food I must say is great
I gained some pounds since I last checked my weight
But Chef Nissen, Chef Nissen
How did you become a judge
They probably told you, you won’t have to budge

Moshe Aharan, Moshe Aharan
The PA system that you use
Is getting annoying, stop the abuse
But Moshe Aharan, Moshe Aharan
Whenever learning class does conclude
All the learning teachers are in a bad mood

Game room, game room
You’re such a waste of time
But to have some foosballs wouldn’t be a crime
But game room, game room
The race game isn’t fair
Because all the high scores are from the staff that are here

Menachem Lifshitz, Menchem Lifshitz
Talking on the mic a whole day
Was that the condition for you to get a pay
But Menachem Lifshitz, Menchem Lifshitz
All the campers would agree that their ears
Will be ringing with your voice for many years

Schneur Gansburg, Schneur Gansburg
In general you’re very quiet
All of sudden now you have to make a riot
But Schneur Gansburg, Schneur Gansburg
If the golf cart key I would shred
You would have to walk from the bathroom to your bed

Dovid Leib, Dovid Leib
You think you know how to drive
But really it’s a miracle that we actually arrive
But Dovid Leib, Dovid Leib
This is not Israel my friend
Here people don’t like when their car gets a dent

Shmoozel, Shmoozel
You make up night activity on the spot
By making kids tie strings and not measuring in the parking lot
But Shmoozel, Shmoozel
Your cards you gave are quite wacky
But no one knows what their point is exactly

Ziggy, Ziggy
From night activity to counselor you were demoted
In ranch camp you must have been way too devoted
But Ziggy, Ziggy
One thing I must say
Bunk Ayin should learn from how you control bunk Pey

Sruli Edrei, Sruli Edrei
B’kitzur I must tell you to the point
Stop giving your speeches in this joint
But Sruli Edrei, Sruli Edrei
A Mashpia one day you will be
Almost like your brother in 770

Motti Jacobson, Motti Jacobson
If you don’t get dum dums you blow a fuse
Halo Achi take it easy take a cruise
But Motti Jacobson, Motti Jacobson
The AC in your bunk “broke”
It’s a shame that the breakout was a joke

Yudi Meltzer, Yudi Meltzer
The fact that your head lifeguard is a joke
You couldn’t save me, your license I would revoke
But Yudi Meltzer, Yudi Meltzer
Thank you for coming here
Because now your color war team we can smear