Night Activity Song - CGI Florida 5774

Sit tight in your chair, that moment is here
You cannot wait for what's coming tonight
But don't make Hachoo, or in front of you
They'll say "you gave us a shower, that just isn't right"

Now that may be true, what on earth did you do
But very soon you won't be Farshtunken
You won't understand, it's gonna get out of hand
And they'll say "we need a shower, please sneeze again"

Hachoo Hachoo Hachoo Tzigezuntzuntzunt
Get excited don't give me no Trerin
Be like no Ferd or a Vilde HoontHoontHoont
A little Yiddish come on Lumir Reden

Meshugeh wacky night activitytyty
With Shmoozel Leemanov we're gonna party
His middle name is ibivigidihivizichitiyi